Finding Shambhala Final Chapter

Hello, thank you for dropping by! This is the final installment of "Finding Shambhala: The Land of the Living Gods". If you haven't read the first 4 parts yet, here they are in order (read them first, don't be like the 98% of people who choose to skip over them, thereby missing the heart of…Read more Finding Shambhala Final Chapter

Finding Shambhala Part 4

Thanks for stopping by "Finding Shambhala" PART 4. Before you go on, read PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3, if you haven't already. If you have read it, proceed as intended and enjoy.  The Water God A nebulous blue light burst out from behind the monster, just as it captured my head and arms in…Read more Finding Shambhala Part 4

Finding Shambhala Part 2

The Strange Land The afterlife had a sky. A bright blue sky serrated by white, fleecy clouds. Cirrocumulus, I thought. I blinked the sunlight away but it clung to my lashes anyway, rendering everything in a prism-like light. Maybe this was heaven. I tried to sit up and my back cramped. Maybe not. I was…Read more Finding Shambhala Part 2

Finding Shambhala: The Land of the Living Gods

The Tempest 1925 It happened somewhere over the Himalayas. Habana Joe, a reformed bootlegger, and I, a former airmail pilot, were flying from Xinjiang Province to Kunlun Mountains in Tibet. That is, I was flying the biplane over the swirling vapors of the night sky, while he slept, muttering something about Nicholas Roerich and powerful…Read more Finding Shambhala: The Land of the Living Gods

Movie Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in 4D

A while ago, I promised to do another review of a movie in 4DX. And here it is. If you want to read about my first 4DX experience and whether or not it was worth it, you can certainly do so. The movie I saw then was Ghost in the Shell.  But here is a…Read more Movie Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in 4D

Handsome and the Beast: Prologue

Prologue Once upon a time there was a boisterous, little boy who had the destiny of breaking an unbreakable curse. However, nobody knew of that destiny because the curse in question was only a myth. A fairy tale told by grandmothers to their grandchildren. In fact, that was exactly how the hero of our tale…Read more Handsome and the Beast: Prologue