Book Review: The Cruel Prince

You know the book must be something special for me to break my looong hiatus from blogging and write a review on it. It doesn't necessarily have to be good but it has to be impressive. And let me just say that The Cruel Prince was definitely good AND impressive. I've read a few fairy…Read more Book Review: The Cruel Prince


2 Writing Platforms That Will Make You a Better Writer

Hello there, friends! I assume you've all gotten used to my sporadic updates by now and you might be thinking... And you know what I say. It is a miracle indeed. But isn't that what all creators are? Sporadic? Wild? Slaves to the whims of inspiration? Is that a 'no' I hear? No? NO? So…Read more 2 Writing Platforms That Will Make You a Better Writer

Book Review: Warcross

Actually 3.5 Stars Don't ask why I feel a little underwhelmed by this book. It wasn't a horrible read, in fact, I zoomed through it in a day. Seriously.The WRITING was great (if you've seen the movies Ghost in the Shell and Valerian that's what some of the VR descriptions brought to mind). I think descriptions were actually…Read more Book Review: Warcross

Finding Shambhala Final Chapter

Hello, thank you for dropping by! This is the final installment of "Finding Shambhala: The Land of the Living Gods". If you haven't read the first 4 parts yet, here they are in order (read them first, don't be like the 98% of people who choose to skip over them, thereby missing the heart of…Read more Finding Shambhala Final Chapter

Finding Shambhala Part 4

Thanks for stopping by "Finding Shambhala" PART 4. Before you go on, read PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3, if you haven't already. If you have read it, proceed as intended and enjoy.  The Water God A nebulous blue light burst out from behind the monster, just as it captured my head and arms in…Read more Finding Shambhala Part 4

Finding Shambhala Part 2

The Strange Land The afterlife had a sky. A bright blue sky serrated by white, fleecy clouds. Cirrocumulus, I thought. I blinked the sunlight away but it clung to my lashes anyway, rendering everything in a prism-like light. Maybe this was heaven. I tried to sit up and my back cramped. Maybe not. I was…Read more Finding Shambhala Part 2