Revision: Life After the Second Draft

Yesterday was a monumental day for me. I finally finished the second draft of my novel. After a pile of bland, unusable bleh that was the first draft (you can see my post about first drafts here), I believe I came out of the second draft with something resembling a good story. There are chapters that…Read more Revision: Life After the Second Draft

Strange the Dreamer Watercolor Painting

I missed Review Wednesday last week and I don't have anything to review this week... Although I've been given two 4D movie vouchers after my review of Ghost in the Shell, so I guess that'll be another 4D movie review to come soon. But make no mistake, my recent hiatus was not because I was lazy…Read more Strange the Dreamer Watercolor Painting

The Third Inspection or Who Brought Back Hrtavionk Wine

Translated into the Common language by Hartaford Rassumaev in Year 3 of Sunyear, éöóêå, 3120 A.D., or AH 2541. [For clarification purposes, Dr. Rassumaev’s notes will be included in brackets.] Third empirical visit to the Blue One. Date: Year 2 of Sunyear, óêåøô, 2017 A.D., or AH 1438. Coordinates: 40.4637° N, 3.7492° W. [Region that was known as…Read more The Third Inspection or Who Brought Back Hrtavionk Wine

How to Frame a Story Part 1

And I don't mean framing it in a wooden frame and hanging it on the wall. No siree, Bob! What I'm referring to is a literary technique that makes it possible to include multiple different stories and narrative structures into one without resulting in a mishmash of tales that have no rhyme or reason. To…Read more How to Frame a Story Part 1

Hour of the Wolf

Hello everybody! I'd like to share great news with you. A week or so ago, I found out about the Save El Lobe Writing Competition and that they were donating $10 to Wolf Conservation Center per entry, and I thought why not do a good deed with my skills and wrote a piece for submission. I love animals,…Read more Hour of the Wolf

Book Review: Strange the Dreamer

This book was like closing your eyes and opening them to see a world full of dreams and wonder, mesmerizing and completely unforgettable. To be honest, I don't think I've read anything like this before. How can I put my appreciation for this book into words. I can't, I just alekfdhsdkfh; Plot, plot, plot Ok,…Read more Book Review: Strange the Dreamer