Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a while.

I’ve been going through a bit of turbulence in my third draft. You know, the usual.

First of all, I got my first criticism on a chapter and while it wasn’t completely awful or degrading, the reaction I got wasn’t what I was aiming for. It was lukewarm. And as an author, you do not want a lukewarm reaction to any of your writing. That is just no. NO. Lukewarm doesn’t sell your books. Lukewarm doesn’t garner you fans. Lukewarm doesn’t do justice to all the hours of work you’ve put into the book. OK?

Secondly, I read my book. What can I tell you?

It wasn’t bad but honestly I expected more from myself.

And thirdly, I read a couple of other books that were very good, which made me feel a little more than doubtful of my own manuscript. Basically this is me, everyday.

Does that happen to you? Is it just me? I don’t know. Doubt sucks.

So after days of mulling around, I came to a difficult conclusion that I had to rewrite it. The entire thing. All of it. I opened a new doc, outlined every book I want to have in this series, and added a prologue. It was a scary decision. It meant I had to scrap over 90,000 words I’ve written in the past year and start anew. It was painful. And dreadful. And completely and utterly right. I don’t know why but I feel more confident this time around and I feel like I can better gauge how good my work is. Discarding 90,000 words can do that to you.

Yes, I’m starting the 90,000 word journey all over again but this time, I have a map that will hopefully lead me to a treasure trove.

What I learned from this folks, is this: always be critical and ruthless of your work, get a few beta readers, and don’t rush into publishing. Your future author self with thank you for waiting until your green manuscript ripened into a sure winner.

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