I still remember the day my mother took me to the edge of the Garden of Eternity and said, “Tomorrow, you have to stop being mad at your father and planting fear of him in people’s minds.”

And I remember saying, “Then maybe he and Today should stop stealing people’s chances of knowing me .”

She sighed then. A tree beside us bloomed to life. Fiery petals breathed and the wind carried them away to a forever unknown. “They can’t help it now, can they. Your father has to follow Time’s orders. So do we all.”

Time, it was always about Time and his ridiculous orders.

I never understood him, just as I never understood people. My brothers, on the other hand, never had that problem. Yesterday spent his days swimming in the River of Memories. Today got to visit Earth everyday with our parents. And I, I got stuck biding my time in the Land of Daydreams and traversing the Caves of Planning.

I saw people there, sure, and I got to know all of their hopes, fears, and calculations, but they never got to know me. Nobody heard me whisper reassurances to them in the night or saw me paint hope over their black despair. Of course, nobody saw me scream desperately about the day they would die either, but those outbursts were to be expected from a guy who was trapped in a perpetual cycle of uncertainty.

I thought it would go on forever, this varied monotony, this life where nothing seemed real, and nothing lasted, but it didn’t, because one day I fell in love.

Read the rest right here on Sweek.

I hope you will go check it out because I need your guys’s help on this contest (did I mention this story was for a contest?), so Tomorrow and my mom can be happy.

Also Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms out there. You’re amazing!

Art of the couple is not by me but I thank whoever created it. Featured image is by Damp Studios.

Stay tuned for more tips, reviews, and stories.


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