Translated into the Common language by Hartaford Rassumaev in Year 3 of Sunyear, éöóêå, 3120 A.D., or AH 2541. [For clarification purposes, Dr. Rassumaev’s notes will be included in brackets.]

Third empirical visit to the Blue One.

Date: Year 2 of Sunyear, óêåøô, 2017 A.D., or AH 1438.

Coordinates: 40.4637° N, 3.7492° W. [Region that was known as Spain in the First Age, Europan Commonwealth in the Second age, and Western Midland today]

On our third decent to the primordial planet, Grenushub and I find ourselves on a pleasant smelling countryside. Compared to the other life-supporting planets we’ve inspected, the Blue One retains the most natural habitats but has the highest rates of methane and carbon emissions in the atmosphere. It is evident that some of the dominant life forms do not bide well with the host planet.

Grenushub and I get into our light bending vehicle that renders us invisible to the inhabitants and allows us travel up to åóòöôíû [1000 miles per 17.20 minutes]. We fly in mid-air on primitive roads that signal to us that the inhabitants have only reached the fourth stage of development on Anilren’s Civilization Assessment Chart. [Stage four states that the species is able to travel quickly within their own planet. There are currently 30 identified stages.]

Soon, we reach a populated city. We spend a solar day driving around the area from coast to coast of the vast ocean. By listening in to the conversations with the IAT [Instant Algorithmic Translator], we learn that they call themselves humans and that they still segregate based on political borders. The country we are in is España. It is peculiar to hear the cacophony of varying languages of a developing civilization. Humbling, even.

Their architecture is beautifully primeval, most of it made of rock and metal and glass. One building that attracts my attention is a masterful work of art, a basilica of some sort.

Though, I must admit the most curious event we witness is the liquid tastings conducted on wide, open fields overwrought with fruit that resemble hrtavionk. Terms grape and wine are thrown around often. Grenushub deduces it’s a fermented drink used to enjoy in good company, something that has not been done on our home planet for centuries. In the past, it had made Alphans give into excessive emotions. I watch the same happen to humans. Their plain, naked faces wrinkle into smiles or expressions of pain, I can’t tell, and they make loud, choking noises. After they’ve gone, I ingest their wine and, even though my taste receptors have evolved from my ancestors’, I taste the sweetness and the ancient past. Rich as a nebula. Burning like the stars.

We gather more evidence of the Blue One’s emergent status in the intergalactic order and return to our ship.

[The Earth was inducted into the order half a millennium after the third inspection was conducted.]

[Takkeerub was the first Alphan to revive hrtavionk wine in the First Age.]

I hope you enjoyed that fascinating report from the future. Though now you may be wondering why I decided to write about aliens and wine when my WIP is a story about automatons and secret society missions. I will explain.

You see, every year I do something to improve my writing, be it NaNoWriMo or timed writing, and this year I thought I’d try my hand at writing contests (nothing like prompts, 500 word limits, and deadlines to keep your creative juices pumping). A week ago, I came upon one that asked what aliens would think about wine and I wanted to know the answer. So I wrote it. If you would like to try your hand at it yourself, I suggest you check out the Winetourismspain’s website. You may just come up with the right answer and end up winning something.

I write tips, reviews, and stories every week, so stop missing the party and join the club.

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