Hello everybody! I’d like to share great news with you.

A week or so ago, I found out about the Save El Lobe Writing Competition and that they were donating $10 to Wolf Conservation Center per entry, and I thought why not do a good deed with my skills and wrote a piece for submission. I love animals, after all!

And what do you know? I was one of the winners!

I wasn’t expecting it, especially because the judging gods hadn’t made it a habit of smiling upon me during competitions, but this time around they had a change of heart. So I thought, why not share the love around and let others read my piece (it’s short) and see the watercolor painting I did for it (you can see it at the top or bottom of the post). And also, maybe inspire people to go check out Wolf Conservation Center website and support their admirable efforts.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here is the story:

Hour of the Wolf

There was a myth once. It was an old myth, so old in fact that people weren’t sure if it was a true myth or someone’s dream.

It was possible that it was both.

The myth told of a goddess who descended down to Earth back when it was too big to have a name, too big and too unknown. For who could name something without having known its true extent?

And so she came to a nameless landscape. Nameless but not empty.

There were trees growing so tall, they seemed to be upholding the sky. There were rivers rushing so fast, they seemed to be racing time itself. There were canyons so vast, it seemed stars could fit in their chasms. And there were creatures living and dying in an endless cycle of something divine and dreadful.

When the goddess came, she wasn’t alone. With her was another being, not a god or a goddess, but an animal so magnificent that for a moment the world stopped breathing. Time sputtered, as if to relive the moment it met the eyes of green, speckled with yellow suns and azure freedom.

Then the animal’s paws met the ground and the enchantment of the moment exploded into a million smithereens of light and wolves, as later they came to be called, spread out, howling, to conquer the nameless planet.

It was a myth that was older than the name of the Earth, you see. It was a dream that time smiled upon. And so it was remembered and forgotten and remembered again as the hour of the wolf.


Thanks for reading. Remember, you can see real wolves at Wolf Conservation Center.

I write and post tips, reviews, and stories every week. Feel free to join me!

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