Before I got pulled into the final installment, I just wanted to do a quick review for this book (because damn, was this good).
*jumps up and down with joy*
So glad I have the third book at hand!
*still jumping, but now with relief*
Ok, ok, done jumping now.
I’ll get to the review.
So the plot, the characters, and the writing were still as superb as ever (although I did feel like towards the end of the third act, there was a little too much of telling, instead of showing). But…”I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT”.
This book was beautifully written, masterfully, magically and it contained so many memorable lines. Here are a few that caught my attention.

George scowled. “It isn’t a matter of logic. It is a matter of faith.”
Faith. It seemed a shallow substitution…”

“Mmhmm,” said Kell, adjusting his pose.
“While I’m sympathetic to your sudden bout of narcissism,” said Rhy, “this is important, Kell. When you’re wearing that mask, you cannot be the most powerful magician in Ames.”

“It doesn’t bother you, that everyone believes different things?”
“Why should it?” he asked. “We all believe the same thing really, we simply give it different names. Hardly a crime.”

The tavern was full of magicians, and Delilah Bard was going to make one of them disappear.

How much had Holland sacrificed already?

Lila was reckless (surprise, surprise), Kell was tortured, Rhy was a sweetheart, Alucard was gold (or silver ;)), and Holland was that guy who keeps drawing the short end of the stick (can he just be happy already??? PLEASE!!!)
Also there was a pirate cat named Esa.

And Lila wore a dress



Drawing created by yours truly with watercolors.

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