I was kindly provided a copy of this book by myself and intend to review it with brutal honesty, as always. 

If I said Air Awakens was like Airbender but way more cliche and way less nuanced, I wouldn’t be lying. There was nothing superbly special about this book, but weirdly enough, it ended up being more than the the sum of its mediocre parts. Which means, I didn’t hate it for all its flaws. I maybe, even, sort of enjoyed them. And I’m like…
The plot pretty much= You’re a sorcerer, Vhalla! Yep, that line was somewhere in the book and you bet your fluffy bunny slippers that’s what the entire plot revolved around (plus some romance, but who’s countin’?). However, unlike in Harry Potter, this book didn’t get very complicated. The story chugged along to basically nowhere until the very sudden climax shot out of the ground and made that choo-choo train go uh-oh, I better get moving somewhere.
Romance was…hmmm, well, I don’t know. I mean he pushed her off a roof but I guess by the end of the book Prince Jerkface came around. It reminded me of a soap opera I’ve seen where this guy is appallingly mean to the girl in the beginning (like pushing-her-off-the-balcony-of-his-office mean) but does a freaking 180 by the end of the story. Like, what happened to you, Jerkface?
And also there was a love triangle.
In terms of characters, Elise Kova did a decent job. I mean, they weren’t realistic people with an abundance of noise and messiness, but their cartoonishess didn’t detract from the story. Vhalla was stubborn, indecisive, and meh. Aldric was stubborn, unstable, and meh. Sareem was annoying, random, and meh. Baldair was rakish, convenient, and meh. Need I go on? I didn’t hate them, but I sure as heck didn’t feel anything for them. I have a sneaking suspicion I may be turning into a Vulcan.
And how was the writing, you may ask. Writing was not so great, I may say. Oi vey, where do I even start? First off, the dialogue felt choppy and jarring. Second, there were way, way, way too many cliches. There was a looking in the mirror cliche, there was a walking into a hushed ballroom cliche, there was a cutting of the hair cliche. And third, there was a lot of snarling, growling, protesting, sneering, screaming, and snapping. I mean, I’ve read worse things (this entire review, for example) but dang, there were too many little and not so little weird mistakes that kept yanking me out of the story. Take a look:
-But she also recognized that it was something she must uncover before the prince, minister, or even the Emperor could uncover—if they hadn’t already.
-The prince looked away from her, distracting himself with the flowers. But now he held her gaze. The silence fell between them. He stared at her, and she at him.
-She almost fell into him as he stopped suddenly before another door.
-“I’ll see her out.” Prince Baldair smiled, offering Vhalla his elbow. She stared at the appendage before looking back to Aldrik. (Apendage, really?)
-She screamed a noise worse than any she had never made before as the arrow pierced her shoulder.
And given all of that, I still enjoyed the book. Again…
I don’t know Jon, I don’t know.
But did I enjoy it enough to want to turn it into a franchise? Read on to find out.
-Budget vs success rate
Making this into a movie would require a high budget but there is a chance of it being a success. For example, The Last Airbender had a budget of 150 million dollars and made over 300 million in the box office.
This is where I think most of the problems would arise. The plot of the first book is too simplistic. Practically nothing of interest happens until the end of the book, which would present challenges in the adaptation process. For there to be a franchise, we need a little less of angsty teenage stuff and more of, you know, story.
-Casting (main couple)
Nicola Peltz
Ricky Kim

-Yes or no?
I can’t just decided off the first book alone. I’d finish the entire series, first to see if it gets better and second, to figure out whether we can rewrite some things for the first movie or combine books, etc.
So yeah, that’s about it for today.
I guess, try this book?

Thanks for reading, for more reviews, tips, and stories don’t forget to, you know, join the club.

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