Renaissance Man

Living all alone as the artist of a King, you

Eat not what others eat but feast with reason, you

Order not the deaths of others but the creation of marvels, you

Never abuse the patronage of the noble King whose prized nobility parallels that of your own, you

Astutely devise not only paintings but inventions so

Rare, so enlightening, even your old master smiles from beyond the grave,

Doubtless, proud of the Renaissance man you’ve become

Or rather, proud of your strength to chase your passions.


Designing weapons of the future

And living amongst your creations of bronze and stone,

Vigorously believing in the potential of mankind

Inscribing formulas to patterns

Never hurting living things, releasing birds from their cages

Caring not for sinful pleasures but for the

Ingrained love of man to do good.

Congratulations, you got lucky! Saturday posts are rare creatures. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky again. For more language of romance (poetry), stories, tips, and reviews, join the club. Follow Platinum Writer (that’d be moi).  

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