Everything you know is a lie.

I am a lie.

I was born just like you were. Or so I’ve been told.

I was raised just like you were. Raised to be an exemplary citizen of my country. Raised to be a Good Samaritan. Raised to be just like the rest. Just like you.

I attended school.  And like you I got grades. Whether they were good or bad didn’t matter. What mattered was what was inside my consciousness after everything was said and done.

Every day I looked out of the shattered window of my reality and saw the events which had come to pass before I was even a mere idea. There upon the quaking shadows stood an imposing figure of Aristotle cloaked in his time-crackling philosophies. Further to the right, Shakespeare recited his own monologues, sketching up ideas of temporary beauty and everlasting renewal. As my sight slid over the serene hills of slumber and sizzling dunes of time, men such as Hitler and Napoleon brought about an existential crisis for human kind.  Then all was restored back to the squalid, tear stained walls of the present day, where nothing had changed save for my own perception.

Every day I got to gauge the world in imaginary answers of square rooted negatives.

Every day I got to repaint my feelings with a new color of scientific explanations.

And every day I was losing bits of my fractured self.

That is until I was reborn.


Awakened from the lies fed to everyone, generation after generation. Fed until the lie became the truth, the truth became an absurdity, and that absurdity became us. A deeply engrained root of desire and selfishness ruled our world pockmarked with semblance of goodness and love but I awoke from that ugly world bred in the dessert of time. I awoke and understood my new place in the dank reality of now; a harbinger of change, hope and acceptance of life. Like a cogwheel taken out of a hideous machine of destruction and put into a miraculous invention of construction, I accepted my own role in the existential crisis, along with the likes of Hitler and Napoleon, carelessly wasting away the precious reserves of life of the planet and its inhabitants. I was a part of it. Just like you are a part of it. Just like we all are a part of it. Cogs in a defected beast of time and sin.

A wind of change came to me.

It will come to you too if you let it. Let it break you out from the path weaving down to nowhere and accept the responsibility of the carelessly careful actions we call life.


Come back some Saturdays for more stories like this or other. If you’re lucky, you may catch more of the magic of words. 

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