It was a January unlike any I had ever seen. There was no snow, no foggy breaths laced with frost, no dead car engines. It was rainy, uncannily warm with a hint of damp chill, and the engine was well and alive.

That was because this was my first winter in La-La-Land. Instead of snow covered pine trees, there were palm trees along every road and instead of my usual unwillingness to start a website, there was an easy readiness to go forth and just do. You could say I woke up, went onto my laptop and started this website/blog. After a few hours of tinkering and exploring, it was ready to be published. A shiny, new voice joining the loud choir of many other bloggers/vloggers/authors/internet personae in hopes of reaching the top of the mountain powered by inspiration and imagination.

I thought long and hard what my first blog post should be about and just as any storyteller, I decided to start at the beginning. It is an important lesson I’ve learned while writing articles for a newspaper and later the first draft of my book- when you’re lost, always go back to the beginning and try to find your way onto the right path, even if it’s not the path you wanted to take initially.

And so it was a warm winter morning that was the beginning of the PlatinumWriter.

Let inspiration light our way and imagination guide it.

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